Shipping Options

We offer shipping via FedEx and UPS to most locations internationally.  You can choose your preferred carrier and service (Next Day, Priority, Ground, etc.) during the order process.

We will provide you with a shipping price quotation during the checkout process.

Item Availability

Both Seltrol and our Manufacturers carry a wide variety of items that are regularly stocked.  However there are large numbers of items that are not normally stocked either at Seltrol or at the Manufacturer level.  

Examples of non-stocked items are:

  • Obsolete product lines
  • Items that are available in customized configurations
  • Lower volumes sales items

When ordering items that are not designated as “In Stock” please verify the availability with Seltrol if you need the items urgently.

You can use the “Live Chat” or the “Contact Us” link at the top of each page to get information on an items availability.  We can also be reached by phone 8-17:00 EST Monday-Friday to answer any of your item availability questions.

Expedited Orders

On orders where the items are not in stock we can usually expedite the ship date for you by an average of four (4) business days when you designate the order as urgent.  To do so please enter the appropriate code in the order code box at checkout.

  •  Order total weight not exceeding 10lbs - $50.00 Expedite Fee, Enter Code: Expedite10
  •  Order total weight 10lbs - 100lbs - $100.00 Expedite Fee, Enter Code: Expedite100

When you select one of the order codes above we will confirm the fact that your order has been expedited and will provide you with an estimate of the expedited ship date when confirming your order.

Drop Shipping

Seltrol offers drop shipping on orders where Seltrol does not have sufficient stock quantities to cover the order amounts.  Drop shipping is only available on certain items.  To see if an item qualifies for drop shipping please contact using the “Live Chat” or the “Contact Us” link at the top of each page or call 800-252-9705.